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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is using any tool (video conferencing such as Skype), email (videos or photos included) or text messaging to help treat a veterinary patient.

Details Regarding Telemedicine Veterinary Visits


    If you would normally schedule an appointment with Dr. Kate Ross to examine your pet but are unable to do so because of COVID-19 precautions or other health concerns (immunocompromised/at risk, quarantine, known exposure to COVID-19 or if you are showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19) please contact Dr. Kate Ross for further advice regarding your pet's care.

Currently, I am only providing telemedicine veterinary visits for existing patients of Hoof & Paw Mobile Veterinary Services.

Scheduling a Telemedicine Appt.


Pet Owner/Agent Consent to Treat for Telemedicine Appointment

   Pet Owners scheduling telemedicine veterinary visits must be the owner or agent for the owner of the pet described in the telemedicine visit; they also must have the authority to authorize consent as described below:

   Telemedicine is imperfect but may be an applicable substitute for a hands-on examination in certain circumstances. All telemedicine veterinary visits have inherent risks and potential complications. Unforeseen circumstances may arise during the telemedicine veterinary visit that may necessitate further veterinary care of the pet, including hands-on examination performed by a veterinarian. Pet owners understand that the use of all medications prescribed during a telemedicine veterinary visit may have risks to their pet.

How can I schedule my Telemedicine Appt?

   Some veterinary visits require the pet to be examined physically; these include euthanasia appointments and appointments where samples have to be obtained for laboratory testing. These visits are not appropriate for telemedicine veterinary visits.

Please contact Dr Kate Ross if you would like to schedule a telemedicine veterinary visit. You can chose which method you prefer

  • Text messaging for veterinary care for your sick pet, including videos and photos

  • Email for veterinary care for your sick pet; sending videos and photos

  • Video conferencing directly with Dr Kate Ross at a set appointment time


Standard examination fees will apply; credit card information can be taken over the phone or you can mail checks to Hoof & Paw Mobile Veterinary Services, PO box 45075, Rio Rancho, NM 87174.

My goal is to provide you with the veterinary care you need when you need it in a cost effective and easy manner. I welcome any and all suggestions to help make telemedicine veterinary visits meet the needs of both you AND your pet.

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